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About Intersea Fisheries

A  time-honored legacy of commitment and reliability.

Aaron and Bob Gilman formed Intersea Fisheries Ltd. and Universal Seafoods in 1975 with Nippon Suisan. The business plan was to process and market Alaska Crab Products throughout the world. In 1985, the Gilmans sold their interest in Universal Seafoods and concentrated their efforts on Intersea Fisheries Ltd.
Having retained Intersea while maintaining offices in New Jersey and Seattle, the company pursued the marketing and processing of seafood items from the west coast and the importing of products from Europe and Asia for distribution in the United States.


In 1990, Intersea's West Coast office was re-established as Intersea Fisheries West, Inc, and John Martin and Brian Glidden held a minority interest, in partnership with the Gilmans, in the newly formed company.
Just six years later, on May 1, 1996, Martin and Glidden purchased the corporation in its entirety from the Gilmans, and, in 2019, John Martin retired handing the reins to Brian Glidden, Intersea's current President and CEO. 

Although the seafood business has seen some major changes over the years, our company has focused on the basic philosophy on which it was founded: to treat everyone with the utmost professionalism, to be honest about the quality of the products, to be competitive—always maintaining quality as the first priority, and to listen to our customers thoroughly so we can anticipate their evolving business needs. 

We are proud to have enjoyed a long and prosperous history, and we treasure all of the wonderful relationships we have developed over the years. 

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